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NIVELCO's NIPRESS product line; developed with a wide range of new instruments. The NIPRESS D–300 series measures pressure and converts it to current. It can be used in 2 and 3 wire systems. The wide selection of models makes it suitable for many pressures and especially where relative or absolute pressure, static or dynamic measurement is required.

Two different accuracy classes are available. It has wide temperature range, overload capacity, possibility to mount the unit in any position and has applications in many industrial conditions. Application areas are water, wastewater, fuel and oil, aggressive environment, hydraulics, HVAC environmental engineering, medical technology, laboratory techniques, energy industry, food and beverage industry. UNICONT PLK-501 can be delivered with add-on display. Ex or SIL versions are also available. Suitable for high pressures (up to 2200 bar). It has a two-chamber cast aluminum or stainless steel body.

Product Technical Features;

Ambient temperature: -40…+85 °C

Process temperature: -40…+300 °C

Sensor type: ceramic or stainless steel

Process pressure: (Nominal pressure gauge) -1…2200 bar

Output: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, HART®

Precision: 0.1%; 0.2%; 0.25%; 0.5%

Process connection: ¼", ½", ¾", 1", 1½" or flanges 2", 3" RF; M20 x1.5 female thread

Ingress protection: IP65, IP67, IP68

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