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Aquascope 3-Underground leak detection device is a specially designed professional device that allows you to find the water leakage point by listening over the water pipelines for the detection of water loss and leakage in the drinking water line. Aquascope 3 is a highly sensitive ground microphone that can detect the highest point of water loss and leakage sound by listening to all kinds of pressurized pipelines with an acoustic microphone from above the ground. PRODUCT FEATURES
-Practical design and high portability: Aquascope 3; It is designed by professional detection experts for spot water loss-leakage detection. Thanks to its robust, light and ergonomic design, it has a very useful and protected structure.

-Simple and Easy to use feature: One button is all it takes to operate the powerful built-in features of Aquascope 3. Filter settings are extremely user friendly. You can find difficult leaks by adjusting the adjustable filter setting to suppress any unwanted interference or background noise. Thanks to its backlight function, it is very suitable for night work. EQUIPMENT and ACCESSORIES

– 1 x Amplifier (Main Unit) – with waist belt

– 1 x Ground Microphone

– 1 x Stereo Headphone

– Carrying Bag

– 2 Years Warranty

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