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Vibrating Fork / NIVOSWITCH® for Solids



NIVOSWITCH vibrating fork level switches are suitable for level detection of liquids or granular, powdered solids. Units with parallel vibrating fork are suitable for liquids, units with non-parallel vibrating fork are suitable for solids. Mounted on pipes, silos, tanks or hopper bins filling/emptying can be controlled using these devices just as well they can generate fail-safe alarms providing overfill- or dry run protection. The operation principle is based on the electronic circuit exciting the fork probe making it vibrate. As the medium reaches and covers the fork its vibration changes, or stops. The fork will start vibrating freely again as the medium sets it free. The electronics senses the change of vibration and gives output signal after a selected delay. Plastic coated version is recommended in aggressive mediums, highly polished version is recommended for abrasive mediums. The PNP/NPN transistor output versions can be connected directly to PLC, or relay unit. The NIVOSWITCH vibrating forks are able to solve switching tasks of highcurrent loads with the help of UNICONT PKK switching amplifiers. The UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex intrinsically safe switching unit is designed to serve Ex rated vibrating forks.


  • No moving parts
  • Self-cleaning for most mediums
  • Stainless steel probes
  • Rod extension up to 3 m
  • Various output configurations
  • Selectable density
  • High or low fail-safe mode
  • Plastic, aluminum or Stainless steel housing
  • Dust-Ex variants available


  • Granular material particulate and powder with minimum 0.01 kg/dm³ bulk density
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Power plants
  • Paper mill
  • Plastic industry


Power supply:20–255 VAC, 20–60 VDC
Ambient temperature:−40°C…+70°C
Process temperature:−40°C…+130°C
Process pressure:up to 40 bar
Output:1 or 2 relays (SPDT), 2-wire AC or DC, transistor (PNP, NPN)
Process connection:1″, 1½”, 2″ or flanges
Ingress protection:IP67, IP68, IP65


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