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Ultrasonic flow meter IFX-R ISOFLUX


The ISOFLUX IFX-R ultrasonic flow meter is MID MI001 certified for application on drinking water. The instrument is based on the ultrasonic measuring principle with transit time and is available for diameters from 50 mm up to 200mm.
It is a double beam version without the use of mirrors or similar, really full bore design, with neglectable pressure drops.
The IFX-R meter has an R 500 Q3/Q1 ratio, the capability to be installed in any position, both vertical and horizontal and does not require any straight pipe lengths for installation, as it is U0 / D0 certified.
Powered by lithium batteries for a life of more than 10 years of operation, include a powerful integrated data logger and on request can be equipped with pulse outputs or communication via radio with dedicated protocols such as SigFox or Lora.

It belongs to a complete range of flow meters ISOFLUX, intended for flow measurements of conductive, non-conductive liquids, the range includes the following versions:

  • IFX-A – AC mains powered meters
  • IFX-B – Battery powered meters
  • IFX-C – Battery water meters
  • IFX-R – MID certified battery water meters (in this product sheet)

Ultrasonic flow meters operate on transit time principle by measuring the time difference of ultrasonic waves traveling in and against the direction of the fluid flow.AuthorAuthor name


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