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The MultiCONT Unit

The MultiCONT

The MultiCONT unit is a universal interface between NIVELCO’s HART®-capable intelligent level transmitters and the other elements of theprocess control system like the PC-s, PLC-s, displays and the actuators. Besides its role as an interface, the MultiCONT ensures the poweringof the 2-wire transmitters while being capable of complex control tasks. The MultiCONT unit supports communication with a maximum of15 standard or 4 Ex ia certified NIVELCO’s HART®-capable 2- and / or 4-wire transmitters. If MultiCONT is used with NIVELCO’sMicroTREK or PiloTREK microwave level transmitters the maximum number of transmitters in a loop should not exceed 6 pcs. for normaltransmitters and 2 pcs. for Ex version transmitters. If a system contains more transmitters than one MultiCONT can handle, furtherMultiCONT units can be wired in series via an RS485 line. Remote programming of the transmitters and downloading of the parametersand measured data is possible using the MultiCONT. The various outputs such as 4 – 20 mA, relays and digital outputs can be controlledusing measured values and new values calculated from the measured values. The internal current outputs (max. 2 pcs.) of the MultiCONTcan transfer and even modify information supplied by the transmitters. The built-in relays (max. 5 pcs.) can be freely programmed andassigned to the transmitters. The large LCD or OLED dot-matrix display allows visualisation of a wide range of informative display functions.One special feature is the “Echo Map” visualisation when communicating with NIVELCO’s EchoTREK and EasyTREK transmitters.


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