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Gutermann’s Zonescan 820 model is the most advanced, powerful and best performing noise logger correlator on the market. It records water loss-leakage and leakage sound in detail on a daily basis. It is the only radio frequency recording device worldwide. The sound recording has the feature of associating the frequency spectrum and sounds in detail. With this feature, it filters the noise coming from external sources and detects the location of water loss-leakage and leakage by cross-correlation between the loggers.

You get the ZONESCAN 820 noise logger that you can use in put & lift, drive or fixed network (remote access Alpha) mode. This allows you to change your operating mode along the way or add more loggers to your inventory in the future. It features two-way radio connectivity which allows us to help you upgrade your recorders’ firmware at any time to fully comply with the latest technology. The easy-to-use ZONESCAN Smart management tool (under Android OS) allows you to export all your project data to ZONESCAN Net if you choose to manage your network and store all data “in the cloud”.

Equipment Accessories;
-1×10 Zonescan 820 noise recorder correlator
-1x System communication link tool (Comm Link)
-1x Smart software (for Android devices)
-1x Rugged carrying case
-1x On-board antenna and charger

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