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NIVELCO’s EasyTREK and EchoTREK high-performance non-contact level meters enjoy a wide reputation in the ultrasonic market. It can be used in tanks, pools and/or open channel flow measurement where ultrasonic level measurement is needed. It is also very useful for demanding applications such as steam/smoke mixer and foam.

Easytrek and EchoTREK group transmitters transmit analog output or HART® digital data proportional to the liquid level. EasyTREK with IP68 protection uses HART® (HART® 7 in case of SP-500 series) communication so that it can be used. Transferred to the MultiCONT process controller / display or to multi-connection systems connected to a PC with the help of UNICOMM HART®-USB, the transmitters can also be connected wirelessly to a PC via the SAT-504 Bluetooth® HART® modem. Both ultrasonic level transmitters use NIVELCO’s established SenSonic technology, intermittent transducers signal processing algorithm with full beam angle of 5 to 7 degrees connected to QUEST+ advanced featured smart electronics.

PP, PVDF, PTFE enclosure and converters, explosion-proof versions, power supply 11-36 V DC, ambient temperature – 30 °C… + 80 °C, process temperature – 30 °C … + 90 °C, pressure (absolute) 0.05 – 0.5 MPa (0.5 – 3 bar), measuring range 0.2 – 25 m, output 4-20 mA + HART®, Relay, process connection 1 “BSP, 1½” és 2 “NPT and has IP68 protection. The product also has ATEX and INMETRO approvals.

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