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Sanitary Sensor for Electromagnetic Flow Meters MS 2410 ISOMAG



The MS 2410 sanitary sensor ISOMAG for electromagnetic flow meters is specific for use in food or pharmaceutical plants.

It is resistant to vacuum (200 mbar absolute at a temperature of 100 ° C), ideal for CIP cycles3A and FDA certified.

ISOIL Industria offers a wide choice for process connections and electrode material.

Technical Specifications

  • Body material: SS AISI304/316
  • Nominal diameter: from ND 3 to ND 100
  • Flow range: 0..280 m3/h
  • Nominal pressure: from PN 16 to PN 25
  • Wide choice of process connections.
    Liquid temperature: from -20 to +150°C
  • Lining materials: PTFE
  • Wide choice of electrodes materials.
  • Available in compact or separate version
  • Accuracy and repeatability data are according to the chosen converter (see converters section).


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