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NIVOFLIP is a bypass level indicator

NIVOFLIP is a bypass level indicator

NIVOFLIP is a bypass level indicator for pressurized vessels with up to 5.5 m (~18 ft) flange distance containing liquids. The device hasthe international PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approval, so it can be used for level indication of pressurized vessels up to 100 bar(1450 psi) process pressure.

The High-temperature types are applicable up to +250 °C (+482 °F) process temperature. NIVOFLIP can be equipped with optionallimit switches or with NIVELCO’s NIVOTRACK high-precision magnetostrictive level transmitter if level transmission is needed.The fluid level in the bypass chamber is the same as in the tank. The welded bypass chamber and the tank form onepressurized system, so the float containing a magnet rises and descends with the fluid level. The properly polarizedmagnet in the float topples the two-toned plates with the colored magnetic caps through the stainless steel tube’swall, indicating the fluid level. The plates with different color codes on the 100 mm (3.94″) under the lower stemprovide a visual error message when fluid levels drop below the instrument’s lower connecting point.


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