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Mapping with GIS software


As Aykome Engineering, we have aimed to provide comprehensive solutions to infrastructure problems in our country. In the world and Turkey, or even perhaps a bit more influence in Turkey, including rapid urbanization continues serious. These volatile conditions increase both the need for new infrastructure systems and the pressure on existing systems. Dynamic control methods are still needed for the continuity and health of such a dynamic system. Today our name is “Hydraulic Modeling”.

Medium and long term;


to determine the optimum strategy from the angles; our main goals are to create a quick and effective functioning decision mechanism.

The services we provide are as follows;

1-) Drinking Water Network, Hydraulic Modeling,
2-) Yağmursuyu – Wastewater Modeling (for both separate and integrated systems),
3-) River and Water Flood Modeling,
4-) Asset Management Modeling,
5-) Special Products;
a) Pipeline Designs,
b) Hydraulic and Hydrological Instruments.

You can contact us for advice on the above and more tips.


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