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Energy meter ML311 ISONRG


The ISONRG ML311 energy meter is an instrument compatible with all types of flow meters: turbine, Woltmann, ultrasound and electromagnetic.

The meter allows you to calculate heating and cooling consumption in an extremely precise way, also by means of an automatic switch which is also useful for cogeneration or trigeneration systems.

It has a logger for up to one year and also acquires signals for cold/hot water sanitary meters or in any case attributable to impulse and/or analog inputs.

It can be used with temperature probes selected in pairs, for the correct and necessary accuracy of the calculation, of the PT100/500/1000 type from 2 to 4 wires.

The energy meter ML311 Isonrg is approved for “financial transactions” according to EN 1434 (MID 004) according to European Directive 2014/32/ EU- and can also transfer data via standard protocols such as RS232, RS485, MODbus, BACnet, Mbus . Pulse and analog I / O.

Range of products that ISOIL Industria can offer directly, with the ISOMAG series of meters produced in its Italian factory, also MID certified.


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