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Energy meter and ultrasonic flow rate IFX-M4-04 ISOFLUX


The ultrasonic energy and flow rate IFX-M4-04 can be used to measure energy consumption for fluids, also other than water in closed or open ring energy systems and also for water consumption.

The main features and advantages of the IFX series are that all the meters are certified MI004 to European standard EN1434 up to DN100 and can be used for calculating thermal or cooling energy in addition to measuring the flow rate.

The Ifx-Mx-04 model starts from DN25 up to DN200 in a compact or remote version with two flow measurement channels.

The two pressure detection or pre-programming channels allow the correct calculation of the energy through the two additional impulse inputs for external (sanitary) meters and optional analogue and RS485 output for measuring cold water or pre-programming the value for open systems.


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