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Data logger SOFREL LS42




• Enhanced IP68 waterproof rating
• Battery powered or external power supply*: (Photovoltaic cell,
mains power, micro-turbine or battery kit)
• Integrated high performance 2G/3G antenna
• Automatic reception testing for best 2G/3G operator
• Access to the SIM card and battery on site
• 3-year manufacturer guarantee


Mechanical design Screwless opening system for easy access to the SIM card and battery
Dimensions H 261 x W 155 mm
Weight 1,1 kg
Operating temperature -20°c to +55°c
Storage temperature -25°c to +70°c
Watertightness Enhanced IP68 certification (100 days under 1 meter of water)
Power supply Powered by an internal lithium battery or by an external source* (photovoltaic cell, main power,
micro turbine, or battery kit – Input voltage : 5-30VDC – Required power : 3W – Inrush current : 3A)
Connector types Military-grade hermetic connector


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